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Man Gets His Laptop Back, Thanks To Twitter

An Oakland man had his laptop stolen in March of this year, and three months later, finally got his property back. Did it take three months to find the thief? Nope, it took less than 24 hours. Here’s what happened: The victim, Joshua Kaufman had his laptop stolen soon after he had installed theft-tracking software.

The software did its job just right and sent pictures of the thief, but when Kaufman went the police with the pictures, the Oakland police weren’t too concerned, even when Kaufman was able to tell the exact whereabouts of the man who stole his laptop.

He followed up with the investigator a month later, and still nothing. He contacted the Oakland Police Department twice via e-mail, and he hadn’t heard back. So what’s a guy to do? Start a webpage of course!

Kaufman started a blog called “This Guy Has My MacBook” and posted pictures of the thief on Twitter. Kaufman’s tweets went viral, and before you know it, Good Morning America gives Oakland PD a call. Not long after, Officer Joshi from the Oakland Police Department gives Kaufman a call to say that the thief had been arrested and Kaufman’s Macbook was delivered back to him. The police said they were “sorry”, as if that was good enough. Ah, the powers of social media.

Photo Courtesy of sam
Photo Courtesy of Henderson