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Texas Instruments Introduces OMAP4470, Not a Robot

Texas Instruments has just announced another member of the OMAP 4 family, and it’s a boy! Meet the OMAP4470 (not pictured), a 1.8GHz ARM processor. The new chip is powered by two 1GHz ARM Cortex A-9 MPCore engines, and two 266MHz ARM Cortex-M3 cores.

Texas Instruments believes that the multi-core structure will allow for faster web browsing and more efficient power usage. The goal is to compete with Nvidia’s quad core chips and Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge line. While some may think this goal is a bit far fetched, you have to commend Texas Instruments for having such a goal! You can’t really blame someone for wanting to get into Harvard.

Now, let’s be clear, these chips were designed for tablets, netbooks, and smartphones, not your average desktop PC. While the new chips will be compatible with Android, Linux, and Windows 8, you won’t be needing to consider this as your next PC upgrade. The chip can support a max QXGA resolution of 2048 x 1536 if you were thinking of hooking up your phone to your laptop, a second display, or even a third, the new chip supports up to three HD displays.

The OMAP4470 is still in the womb, and won’t hit U.S. markets until the second quarter of next year, but it may just spark a bit more competition in the world of tablets, and with competition, we see innovation.

Photo Courtesy of Automatic
Photo Courtesy of Powru