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Windows 8 Exclusive: Press Event In Taipei

Microsoft showed Windows 8 at a press event in Taipei, displaying an entirely new tile-based interface that Microsoft hopes will be better suited for flood of tablet PCs. Microsoft stated that it has designed Windows 8 to work equally well with either touch input (for those who have all-in-one touchscreen PCs or tablet PCs) or mouse and keyboard input.

The interface can also receive input through swipe gestures on touch screen devices. Windows Explorer and Windows desktop will still be there, so don’t worry about Windows changing too much. It is also said to be backwards compatible with Windows 7 applications and peripherals, although I wouldn’t recommend gamers to upgrade until service pack 1 launches.

Furthermore, Windows 8 will be able to run smoothly on ARM-based processors as well as Intel and AMD processors, as it currently does. The company claimed that Windows 8 was a code name, hinting that the next generation OS will likely go by a different name.

Do I think it will be worth the upgrade? Maybe in 2013, but I think Windows 7 is perfectly fine as it is. I’d hate to “upgrade” to the next generation only to find it extremely glitchy and incompatible with my favorite applications. In fact, I don’t think Microsoft tests out their software enough before release, and wish they would do some extra testing to release it in 2014. Oh well, we’ll see how undercooked the batch of cookies will be this time, I suppose. Take a look at the video to learn more about Windows 8.

Photo Courtesy of tsuku
Photo Courtesy of sarah