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AMD 9-Series Motherboard Goes Live

AMD is set to launch its 9-series chipset this week, in efforts to bring next-gen technology to computer enthusiasts around the world. The new chipset was designed to complement AMD’s Scorpius desktop platform, a platform that will feature the 8-core “Zambezi” processor and support AMD Radeon HD6000 series graphics cards.

The 9-series chipset will be the first to support AMD’s AM3+ socket processors, as well as offer backwards compatibility with earlier generations. The new motherboards will also support CrossFireX technology, allowing up to four AMD Radeon graphics cards to be hooked up to one another.

Overclockers will enjoy AMD’s OverDrive software for a maximal boost. If you do plan to overclock, please be sure to monitor your temperatures and be sure to use after-market coolers, with a preference towards water cooling.

If you’re a bit of a storage freak, rest assured because you will be able to hook up to six SATA 3.0 hard drives, operating at 6Gbps. Enjoy an ultra-fast wired connection with Gigabit Ethernet, HyperTransport 3.0 technology, and PCIe 2.0. All major third party manufacturers will be building this board, among those are MSI, Foxconn, and Gigabyte. You’ll likely find the board at Newegg. If you’re not already sold, check out the video below for a recap of the product highlights!

Photo Courtesy of EdmundT
Photo Courtesy of AndrewV