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24″ LED Monitor, Powered 100% By USB

Asus has recently demonstrated a USB-powered monitor, the MS248B (pictured top only), which was meant to replace the current MS248H USB-powered monitor. For a recent monitor, it has a very interesting feature, it only carries a single USB port that is placed to transmit both power and data from the computer to the monitor.

Fortunately, the single USB port utilizes the latest USB 3.0 technology, which allows up to 80% more power to be transferred to the monitor (something I would assume is essential to power a 24″ screen). If you weren’t already impressed, know that this behemoth of a monitor only requires 9 watts per hour, using almost 75% less power than the previous generation.

The display carries a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a 10 million : 1 contrast ratio, and has a 2ms response time (very fast). The screen carries a common but classy, glossy piano black bezel, LED touch-sensor buttons, and has an ultra-slim 16.5mm profile. Despite the impressive power consumption, large screen size, and appearance, this is very much a “no frills” monitor and will not support a card reader, webcam, Ethernet, free USB ports, or audio ports, but, you can always hook up those peripherals to your desktop computer, or whatever that will be powering the monitor. No word on pricing or availability at this time.

Photo Courtesy of itportal
Photo Courtesy of mahjapan