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Game Emulators Yanked From Android Market

Game emulators are programs that are available for download through mobile, desktop, and laptop devices, that allow users to simulate game consoles and play games they enjoy without having to pay for the console. The player usually just plays the game through mouse and keyboard instead of controller, but one could easily configure a game controller by obtaining the right hardware and software.

A third party Android app developer by the name of Yong Zhang has recently had his popular game console emulators yanked out of the Android market. His entire selection of apps was removed without warning. Unfortunately, this is the second dev who got the boot after a programmer named ZodTTD, who made a PlayStation emulator was kicked out of Android Market last month.

Some believe the recent crackdown on emulators comes from the Sony Xperia Play. It seems like big heads such as Sony may be putting pressure on Google to have the emulators taken down, so that the Xperia (a smartphone that plays PlayStation games) doesn’t lose any sales.

Google explained the removal of the emulators as an implementation of Android Market policy. Meanwhile, Zhang has used the SlideME market to allow existing, paying customers to download updates without having to repurchase the software. See the video to take a look at ThinkGeek’s emulator.

Photo Courtesy of USB
Photo Courtesy of seanD