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Google Acquires RSS Startup, PostRank

Google acquired PostRank yesterday. Postrank is an RSS startup, and the move proves to be a continuation of Google’s strategy to go social. PostRank basically lets users plug into any RSS feed for analysis. The system ranks feeds by the number of comments, inbound links, Twitter shares, Facebook shares, and other social cues.

Analysts are guessing that the PostRank technology will be implemented into Google Analytics, but it is unsure what exactly Google plans to do with the recent buy. If Google thinks it can go social by swallowing social startups, I welcome the idea.

The folks at PostRank will be moving to Google’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, Northern California. According to the company’s blog, PostRank is thrilled to join the Google team, and seem to have the impression that there will be equivalent collaboration. I cannot say for certain what length of the leash Google plans on using for PostRank, but I hope the owners of the successful startup aren’t misled.

How long do you think it will take for Google to truly get a grasp on ‘social.’? The company has recently adopted the +1 approach recommendation system on Google, and CEO Larry Page has tied 25% of employee bonuses to the success of social. Maybe they’ll get their groove on by 2012?

Photo Courtesy of veesees