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Wooden Accessories For Your Computer, Any Takers?

What do you guys think of wooden accessories? Is it a cool take on technology or a geeky dream fit for a 40 year old software engineer? There are a few wooden accessories out right now, but is it just a fad or something that may catch fire and stay caught…on fire. One wooden accessory out there comes in the form of a keyboard and mouse.

It’s called the Brando USB Full Keyboard and it looks like a wooden slate with beige-colored Scrabble pieces for the keys. The mouse itself looks like something you would find in the 90s in some geek’s mansion. Yep, geeks have mansions.

There’s also an external hard drive out there with bamboo side panels. My girlfriend uses it and despite it failing half the time, it’s got more of a modern look than the previous accessory. There are also wooden/plastic hybrid keyboards, but I don’t think these are as cool or original as Mr. Woody.

Finally, if you look hard enough, you might just find a wooden USB dongle. If you like the feeling of sticking a wooden block into your computer, this may appeal to you. Although, I have to admit, it may be easy to lose on a Mahogany table. So, you interested? Take a look at the video at one modder’s take on a wooden computer.

Photo Courtesy of ApartmentTherapy
Photo Courtesy of unplugged