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YouTube Delivers Creative Commons Library

Youtube has just delivered a Creative Commons license that allows creators to reuse and remake their favorite content, with ease. With the new copyright license from Creative Commons, licensors will be able to keep the copyright while letting others copy, distribute, and re-use the work for non-commercial purposes.

This will make it perfectly legal to remix clips and videos that are tagged with the Creative Commons license. The only requirement is that the original creator gets credited at some point in the video. Google’s Youtube is already working with major organizations such as C-SPAN, Public.Resource.org, and Voice of America to bring over 10,000 CC videos to content creators.

To find a video that uses a Creative Commons license, users will simply need to search via the YouTube search engine or through the YouTube video editor. Users can also click the CC tab to browse licensed videos. I don’t think this will change how videos are remixed, but I do think this will encourage YouTube creators that their remixes do not get removed by YouTube admins.

I just hope that high quality YouTube posters choose to tag their videos under the CC license, rather than have only the poor quality posters tag theirs in hopes of becoming famous.

Photo Courtesy of ijustine
Photo Courtesy of drewG