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Most Powerful Tablet: Intel Core i7 + 8GB RAM + 320GB HDD

Who the heck cares about Windows 8 running on a tablet PC when you’ve got a tablet that is more powerful than most desktops out on the market? Meet the Sahara Slate PC i500 from Tablet Kiosk. This is the James Bond of all tablets, people. Running an Intel Core i7-640LM vPro at 2.13GHz, this puppy maxes out at 2.93GHz, while using 25 watts.

The twelve inch tablet features 8GB of RAM and has 320GB of storage space, allowing you to store a large number of HD videos, high res photos, or whatever you want to keep on there! It ships with Windows 7 Professional stock, but users can select Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Embedded Standard, or openSUSE Linux 11.

Consumers who are interested in slapping down $1,749 for this device should shell out some more for a USB-powered monitor. I recommend a second monitor for all those times where a 12″ screen just won’t cut it, and with specs like those, you should be paying for a tablet that can double up as a desktop/laptop when you need one! With that in mind, you’d really be getting two computers in one. Learn more, here.

Photo Courtesy of TabletKiosk
Photo Courtesy of TabletKiosk

  • Seems kind of useless. An overpriced conversation piece. If I need something with 8G of ram and a Core i7 processor, it’s gonna be a desktop with a correspondingly awesome graphics card (which could never hope to fit into any tablet). What would I need that power for? Graphic design? I’d never do that on a tablet. Non-casual games? Never do that on a tablet. Waste of money.

  • Ajsteadman89

    8 gigs of ram is very usefull for virtualization

  • Sickofmortgages

    haha ,, u are retarded
    did u know that , ??

  • Because doing graphic design or any art in particular should be done with the mouse…..right….

    It’s far easier to use a tablet for interface for such things and it sucks it’s Windows. If it was a Mac, it’d put its power to good use and have support to boot and not crash every five seconds. Non-casual games can be done just that the support for such games aren’t there yet.  Still great with a controller, but that’s a downside.

    Trust me, this will end up into the next iPads and other tablets once they get cheaper and more compact, thus becoming business and consumer friendly.

  • bigger than 7″ is too big for a tablet personally.. i wouldn’t like to carry something worth £1700 in my hands either