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Motorola’s CEO Bashes Google’s Android Marketplace

Motorola’s CEO, Sanjay Jha isn’t too happy with Android’s Market App Store. Jha claims that the app causes performance issues on a number of phones that are powered by Google’s Android mobile operating system. Jha also claims that 70% of returned Android-based Motorola devices are due to downloaded applications that affect performance.

Although Google continuously works on yanking malicious apps from the open-source Android Market, Google has no way to ensure the removal of all e-waste. Motorola’s CEO claims that Google should systematically test each app for power consumption and CPU use before allowing unsuspecting consumers download the apps, not knowing how their phones will be affected.

Jha used Android’s Marketplace as a crutch to advertise his own Motoblur software-the essential social media tools, texting, email access- all at the click of a button. While this may be great for your average “5-app-guy”, many people get a smartphone so they can play with tons of apps, however strange they are.

I’m just not sure how convincing Jha’s argument is to go for a Motorola. I use Android’s Marketplace and while I do agree that there is a lot of junk in the database, one needs common sense to filter out the BS, such as by paying attention to reviews. Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Photo Courtesy of craig1
Photo Courtesy of oldshoe