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Sony Isn’t The Only One, Nintendo Gets Hacked Too

I realize that we have covered over ten blogs on Sony hacks, but Nintendo recently got hacked as well. Thankfully, no personal data or company information was lost. The affected server was an affiliate of Nintendo’s U.S. unit and was unlawfully accessed a few weeks ago, although no damage was caused.

Some believe that the hack was to gather information, possibly an insider looking for something juicy to hand over to journalists, but we have no solid evidence to that claim. Although Sony isn’t the only gaming giant that gets hacked, the company sure takes the cake for racking up the most damage.

That’s just about all the information we have at the moment. A company spokesman for Nintendo, Ken Toyoda didn’t want to elaborate on exactly what happened but wanted to reassure Nintendo customers that there was no damage. The silence seems to hint that perhaps Nintendo themselves don’t even know what’s going on with the hack.

With all the hacks, you kind of wonder if the warmer weather is triggering naughty behavior. Are people just feeling antsy and choose to relieve some tension through firewall breakthroughs and database intrusions.

Photo Courtesy of davids
Photo Courtesy of Dekuwa