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Chinese Grad Student Designs VW Hovercraft

21 year-old graduate student, Zhang Yuhan has designed a zero emissions hovercraft concept called the Aqua Volkswagen. The Xihua University Industrial Design grad student submitted it as a finalist contestant for the CDN China Car Awards (a design competition). The entrants were to create a “Chinese off-road vehicle” by Volkswagen with “go-anywhere” capabilities that would allow the vehicle to freely travel the untamed wilderness of the Chinese countryside.

The hovercraft does not produce any Carbon emissions and is supported by a cushion of air, allowing it to cross a wide range of surfaces such as; lakes, rivers, wetlands, dirt roads, snow and ice. It is powered by electric and Hydrogen fuel cell motors and includes four propellers for vehicle propulsion.

As you can see from the photos, this thing looks pretty darn cool and it makes you wonder if this will be a commonplace in “automotive” 20 years down the road.

Just remember that this is a concept and is not intended for mass production (not to say we won’t have hovercrafts in the future, though!). If this weren’t a concept, and I had to guess on a price, I would guess around $200,000 – $350,000, making it the world’s most expensive VW. See how the hovercraft compares to this Honda chopper concept from the video below!

Photo Courtesy of GizMag
Photo Courtesy of GizMag