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Genuine iPhone iOS5 Image?

TechCrunch has posted a photo (top) of the home screen of an iPhone running iOS 5 which will officially launch later today at the WWDC keynote address in San Francisco. TechCrunch didn’t report the original source of the image and claim that it is possible it is another fake, but made some interesting points on why it might be real.

TechCrunch first directs our attention to the European version of the weather app, denoting the temperature in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit. The next detail is the camera app being all black. With the icons laid out in the correct default order, you can see two ‘mentions’ in the status bar up top with a Twitter icon to the left of the text.

The only thing that is a bit suspect is the iOS 4 wallpaper, I have no thoughts on whether that indicates this is real or fake. You’d imagine a fake would have a different wallpaper. We’ll just have to wait later today to see if this photo is in fact genuine.

Do you guys think an unauthorized contact got a snapshot of the iOS 5 shortly before the start of the event? Certainly seems possible to me although I’d imagine there would be high security around anything Apple at the show. Well, we will just have to wait and see!

Photo Courtesy of MacStories
Photo Courtesy of Schill