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Former Google CEO Teams Up W/ Lady Gaga For Social Startup

Right when you thought you saw it all, you read this headline. A new social startup called Backplane has raised over $1 million in venture funding, and is run my former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt. Interestingly enough, Lady Gaga invested in the startup and owns 20% of Backplane.

The social startup will launch soon and is designed to build communities around musicians and sports teams. The service also integrates updates from Facebook and Twitter, keeping close tabs on social. With Schmidt recently announcing that he regrets not giving Google more of a social presence, this might be a project that the former CEO hopes will bring him back to the likes of Google, perhaps to obtain his former position?

According to the Times, Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter came up with the idea for Backplane after sitting in a meeting last year with the star herself and Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs to discuss Ping. After hearing Jobs explanation of Apple’s music social network, Carter thought he could develop something better, something that would allow musicians to prosper even more through social media. With Lady Gaga’s popularity, and Google brains, who knows how far the duo can go with this new social media startup?

Photo Courtesy of WorldEconomicForum
Photo Courtesy of spreepix