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Get Ready For Halo 4, Due Next Year

Well, what do you know? I was nearly certain that the Halo franchise had ended. Not only was Halo destined to be a trilogy, but its latest game, Halo Reach was a prequel to the trilogy. I remember thinking it was kind of funny how the prequel to the trilogy turned out, in fact to be the best game of the entire franchise.

Fortunately, for Halo fanatics around the world, they’ll be able to rejoice to the news of Halo 4’s release. Assuming your Xbox360 hasn’t had a Red Ring of Death yet, you’ll be able to get more shoot-em-up action and be able to embark on new heroic missions. So who leaked it this time, you ask? Microsoft. The company launched a new landing page that included new games to be announced at E3 today, and accidentally* spilled the beans on the new Halo platform.

We don’t have very much information just yet on the latest Halo game but given the success of the latest title, Halo Reach, you can expect to get one hell of a game. Take a look at the teaser trailer below to see exactly what the people at E3 saw, and get ready for Halo 4, due for the 2012 holidays. Game the lead.

Photo Courtesy of awee
Photo Courtesy of tripD