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Major Take-Aways From WWDC 2011

Apple’s CEO announced today a new service called iCloud at Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference 2011. The service allows Apple product owners to store both documents and music in the cloud (on the Internet) rather than on a physical computer, hard drive, or mobile phone.

With the iCloud, users will be able to have greater access to content without having to max out their portable media devices. The iCloud also will offer the convenience of synchronizing automatically with all of the user’s Apple devices (iPhone, iPads, and Mac computers), allowing users to access docs, apps, calendars, and e-mails from any location without having to worry to remember to hit the Sync Button on their computer. Here are some key highlights:

  • iCloud stores a maximum of 1,000 photos for up to 30 days
  • Users will be able to store a maximum of 5GB of documents
  • Users will have to pay $25 per year to sync music that wasn’t purchased through iTunes
  • Mac OS X (new desktop and laptop OS) Lion will be available next month for $30
  • The new software will contain a Notification Center that organizes alerts by app, rather than having a popup window
  • Full integration of Twitter within iOS5, allowing for users a one-tap access
  • Built-in app called Reminders allows users to create to-do lists
  • New Camera app lets users take photos by pressing the volume-up button, allowing instant shooting
  • iOS updates will be delivered through the air

How do these features sound to you? It seems like Apple has finally caught up with Android as the Google mobile OS temporarily took the lead. With over-the-air updates, I was already sold, but just the little things, like having fast access to the iPhone’s camera from the volume-up button quickly stole my heart. How useful do you think it will be to have a single button give you access to the camera? Well, ask any Android user and you’ll soon find out. Although, this isn’t about Brand X against Brand Y, this is about the evolution of a product over time and the obstacles the iPhone has overcome.

Photo Courtesy of msy