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Sharp’s New Digital Signage 60″ Uses 50% Less Power

Sharp’s new Digital Signage 60″ LCD rocks the company’s latest line of performance products while maximizing power efficiency. The new screens were designed to be used independently or in addition to other, identical PN-V602 devices.

The new screen comes with an improved LED Backlight panel that supplies the aforementioned 50% power consumption reduction compared to the previous model and is 2.1x brighter than other Sharp panels, rocking a luminosity rating of 1500cd/m2. We don’t have any prices or price ranges on the LCD but we do know it will be available in Japan this summer, with a possible global release scheduled for later.

As you can see from the photo, the screen itself looks absolutely stunning, leaving one confused on how a screen this bright could possibly use 50% less power than usual. I just hope they won’t discover any scientific studies later down the road that show super bright LCD screens increase chances of going blind. I say that half-jokingly of course, after hearing that excessive cell phone use could cause brain tumors.

Since normal 60″ screens cost around $2,500, I would guess this one would cost around $4,000 to $5,000, but we will update once we know more about specifics. Just imagine viewing high resolution photos and HD video on the new PN-V602 screen! Check out the video below to see the Sharp team construct a video room.

Photo Courtesy of akihabara
Photo Courtesy of DaveJ