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Sony Ericsson Mobile Leak: Urushi / ST18i

We’ve just heard some news about the all-new Sony Ericsson Urushi, or ST18i as some call it. While the device is shiny and beautiful, the inside specs aren’t as impressive as its outer shell. The device is equipped with a 1GHz ARM processor, a speed that feels a little sluggish compared to the more recent 1.5GHz models.

In addition to the slower cpu, Sony slapped on 335MB of RAM while HTC & co. are equipping their new devices with 768MB of RAM. The 335MB will allow you to do your basic “one-app-at-a-time” mobile computing but won’t let you run the Pandora app, while checking your e-mail, with Twitter and Facebook open in the background.

The device is also equipped with the latest Android Gingerbread putting a little extra strain on the device’s specs. Don’t get me wrong, 1GHz is plenty of computing power for a cellphone, but the RAM is definitely poses a software restraint. The device runs on a 3.2″ screen, running an 854 x 480 pixel resolution.

Does this seem like a phone worthy of a two year contract or perhaps only a toy for die-hard Sony Ericsson fans to play with? Let us know if this phone catches your eye or not.

Photo Courtesy of Engadget
Photo Courtesy of johnkarat