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New Airport Security Checkpoint Of The Future

The International Air Transport Association came forth with a mock up of a future security checkpoint system. Rather than removing your belts and shoes, and have TSA officials give you the royal treatment, passengers will simply walk through the machine and will receive a full body scan as they walk through the hall-like sensor.

Passengers will be sorted according to risk, and those who fly frequently will be automatically deemed less risky. No clue on whether racial profiling will play into who gets chosen for the high-risk passengers (those who pose a threat), but supposedly the system takes in a wide variety of factors when deciding.

The official sensor lanes will be separated into categories called “Known Traveler”, “Normal”, and “Enhanced Security.” The fastest lane will be available to individuals who choose to go through background checks with their governments.

Furthermore, a biometric identifier in your passport would point you to the appropriate lane based on travel history and personal information. 19 different governments are currently working together to develop the standard for airport and airplane security. Although we don’t have any dates to offer you just yet, we can guess that these new systems will be implemented within the next five years.

Photo Courtesy of CNN
Photo Courtesy of jurvet