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Electromagnetic Sheet Powers Up And Networks Devices

The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology showed an efficient wireless power transmission system, demonstrated at the Wireless Japan 2011 conference. The system works as a 2D communications device and requires the user to place a gadget on the flat board.

The board then generates electromagnetic waves towards the gadget, rather than having an even distribution throughout the board. The underlying concept behind the system uses a 2.4GHz high frequency signal to capture the electromagnetic waves where the gadget is placed. The waves are then converged at a single point, via an input electrode array.

The researchers hope to use the technology to develop a device using the 2D sheet to not only charge portable gadgets, but also communicate and send information (much like a Local Area Network). How do you think this technology can be implemented in the marketplace?

I can easily picture a powersheet integrated within a few coffee tables at local coffee shops. This would allow a few friends to not only charge their gadgets but also hook up with one another and share photos, video files, music files, and documents, through the table’s network. Imagine how this could improve collaboration at meetings and for school projects? Shoot, you might even see it as an instruction on a class syllabus, “Be sure to utilize collaborative workspaces for your project meetings.” See the video to learn more about this new technology.

Photo Courtesy of WalYou
Photo Courtesy of WalYou