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Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary Edition

If you wanted to get some more Halo action without having to wait till next year for Halo 4, hang tight, because a new Halo game is coming this Fall, called Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. The new game is actually a remake of the original Halo, with updated HD graphics, new game tweaks and more multiplayer maps.

Although Microsoft seems to be milking the Halo franchise till the very last drop, this will definitely make many Halo fans happy and I am sure gamers will want to re-play the Combat Evolved campaign with the improved graphics.

Gamers will also be thrilled to know that they’ll play the classic title with modern Halo weapons and current-generation graphics. The title is scheduled to ship out on November 15th, 2011 and while I don’t think this title is worth the usual $55 price tag, I do think it would be a worthy purchase for $29.99, considering it’s a remake.

Although, the Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit remake was first sold at full price, so you never know with these manufacturers. We’ll learn more about pricing as the months wind down, and will let you know of any deals. How does this game sound to you? Would it be something you’d pick up off the store shelf? See the video below for an exclusive trailer.

Photo Courtesy of willpate
Photo Courtesy of markMS