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New Malware Turns Your Droid Into A Bot

Google removed around 24 applications from the Android Marketplace last week due to excessive Malware and virus problems. According to the North Carolina State University Blog, a new type of malware called DroidKungFu works like the previously removed DroidDream, although deadlier.

DroidKungFu works through a security bypass on the affected mobile device. The latest malware acts as a trojan (or a backdoor that gives hackers full control of the phone). Not only can this expose all user data, but it can also turn the phone into a bot, forcing the phone to do whatever the hacker wants.

As far as experts know, only third party app stores and Chinese sites are spreading the malware, but users should stay cautious with new downloads, anyways. A good way to protect yourself from harmful downloads is by reading all the comments before you purchase an app.

It’s also best to only download apps that have at least 50 comments so you can rest assured that a perpetrator didn’t just get his friends to write comments for him or her on the bogus app. Oh yeah, and one last thing. This vulnerability is only for Android Froyo, not Gingerbread. Although, more than 90% of Android phones operate on Froyo or older.

Photo Courtesy of AndroidCommunity
Photo Courtesy of dushaun