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Sony’s New 24″ 3D Display Designed For PS3

Sony has a new PlayStation-branded 3D display that uses stereoscopic technology to display two different full-screen images to produce a 3D experience, using active shutter 3D technology. Now, before you get all excited about the 3D screen, you have to realize that only PS3 games programmed to make use of the feature will work as 3D, meaning that you won’t get 3D picture on all of your games.

Engadget reports that while the screen is a cool development in theory, it does have some ghosting (picture response delay) and is priced at $499, making it a tough decision on whether or not it’s a worthy buy.

I believe that once a number of guinea pigs decide to try the screen out, we’ll have better feedback on overall quality value, especially once the video reviews start pouring in! Until then, the screen kind of looks like an overgrown PSP, and maybe that was the look they were going for!

Let us know if this PS 3D TV would be something to pique your interest or if you rather stick to the basics of high-quality LED-LCD technology, at least until 3D is perfected. Hey, I wouldn’t blame you for choosing the latter.

Photo Courtesy of Engadget
Photo Courtesy of Engadget