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Anti-Cancer Medicine Found Within Frog Skin

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast, have been awarded the commendation at the Medical Futures Innovation Awards in London. The team discovered a medicinal extract from frog skin (not pictured) that can be used to cure cancer tumors.

The skin contains two specific proteins known as peptides, that inhibit the branching of blood vessels, which would stop the supply of nutrients and oxygen to cancerous tumors. Not only can cancerous tumors be treated better than prior medicine, but another protein found in the frog skin has the ability to close wounds.

The wounds are able to close through the stimulation that the protein provides to regenerate blood vessels. This could help patients heal more quickly after surgery. Further testing has to be done, before scientists can fully utilize the technology for patients, but it definitely looks promising. I just hope that frogs do not go extinct in order to save humans.

Another interesting thing to note is that the scientists might be able to clone or manipulate the cancer-fighting protein and perhaps make a solution on a mass-scale. This would greatly aid the lives of currently affected patients.

Photo Courtesy of bayu
Photo Courtesy of fotos