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Corsair Recalls 120GB Force Series 3 SSD

It looks like Corsair may have sold a bad egg, or even a whole batch of them, with the 120GB Corsair Force Series (not pictured) solid state drives. Corsair claims that a “significant percentage” of these drives do not perform to specifications.

Corsair claimed that it analyzed issues associated with the stability of the recently released drive and requests that users stop using them immediately, even if there are no signs of strange behavior. Fortunately, the problem only affects the 120GB version with the part number CSSD-F120GB3-BK, and all other drives in the Force and Force GT families are unaffected.

Before you think “oh, I’ll just wait for the firmware update”, do note that this is not only a software problem, but also a hardware one. As you can guess, Corsair will be replacing the recalled drives at its own expense and will even pay for return shipping to owners of affected drives.

The drives will be exchanged or replaced within ten business days. If you own one or more of these drives, please click here to send it back! I’ve used Corsair for a number of years and am pleased overall with their hardware components, and believe this recall was just a fluke. See the video to learn how to install an SSD into a laptop.

Photo Courtesy of jonmasters
Photo Courtesy of fenster