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LG Creates Super LED Monitor

Korean manufacturer, LG, has just announced its latest super slim monitor, called the Super LED. The new monitor features a number of benefits, including; being SUPER slim, having SUPER picture quality, SUPER angle viewing distances, and SUPER energy saving.

As you can see, “Super” refers to more than just a single component or feature. The monitor is 7.2mm thin, and it (E2290V model) picked up an Innovation Award at CES 2011 for its excellence in design and technology.

LG Super picture quality comprises of SUPER+ Resolution technology, used to revive low picture quality to high resolution, vivid picture quality. Blurred edges are sharpened, and colors are made more vibrant, with the newest tech.

We do not yet have any information on pricing or availability, but you can expect these bad boys to cost a pretty penny. The latest technology, nor the thinnest technology, ever comes cheap. Learn more about the awesome new features in the video below and let us know what you think about this awesome new monitor! Does it sound like a worthy addition to your household?

Photo Courtesy of gilly
Photo Courtesy of LGEPR