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Mass Effect 3: Full Trailer And Gameplay Revealed

It looks like Mass Effect 3 will arrive in the month of March 2012, despite the original Holiday 2011 release schedule. The update comes from Casey Hudson, the project lead for Mass Effect 3. BioWare’s CEO Ray Muzyka said that Mass Effect 3 will take full advantage of Microsoft’s Kinect controller, and even said that players will be able to give voice commands directly to squad members (using their own voice.)

These are one of those blogs where we focus mainly on video, rather than text. Below, we have two videos for you. The first, is a trailer in high definition of the highly anticipated game. The second, is a 15 minute review from IGN of Mass Effect 3’s gameplay. Both are awesome videos and I highly recommend you check them out. This will represent the final game in the trilogy, or is supposed to be last game, anyways.

Photo Courtesy of bgr