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Skytap Will Support HP’s Lifecycle Testing Within The Cloud

At Monday’s HP Discover conference, the cloud provider Skytap, partnered up with HP to deliver better automated testing in the cloud. Skytap will improve HP’s Application Lifecycle Management products, allowing developers to use the cloud as complex testing environments.

By testing directly in the cloud, machines do not need to be re-imaged with new instances of Windows and Linux servers, and pre-existing VM collections can be modified to work with the HP test tools.

With this new implementation, users will be able to simultaneously use two different collections of virtual machines, as well as use HP’s QuickTest Professional to perform an automated regression testing on cloud VM collections.

Skytap also makes it easy to setup VPN connections between your data center and their cloud, to extend HP testing tools across the hybrid environment. There is no extra charge for the service and pricing starts at $250 per month for up to five users with five virtual machines, offering a total of 200GB of overall storage. Take a look at the video below to learn more about Skytap’s key features.

Photo Courtesy of DavidS
Photo Courtesy of readwriteweb