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New Study: The Average Gamer Is 37 Years Old

Don’t worry too much if someone has told you that you were too old to be playing video games, they’re wrong. According to a new study released at E3, 72% of Americans play videogames, and of the 72%, 82% of gamers are adults.

The research was collected from 1,200 nationally representative households that were identified as owning either a video console or a PC that was used to play videogames. It turns out that the average American gamer is 37 years old, and has been playing for 13 years.

Teenagers only make up 18% of the gaming population, and are overtaken by players over the age of 50 (that’s one way of spending your retirement hours, I suppose). Women make up 40% of all gamers. Interestingly enough, 57% of gamers believe that games encourage their family to spend time together, and parents have become more involved in their kids’ game play.

I find the study rather interesting, and hope that the data wasn’t manipulated in anyway to benefit E3 or any motives to sell more games. So the next time someone says you’re too old to play videogames, point them to this study, and enlighten them about how Americans choose to spend their time.

Photo Courtesy of Christian
Photo Courtesy of digitaltrends