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Taiwan’s E-paper And What This Means For The Future

Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute has developed e-paper technology which it expects to be used for digital signage. ITRI demonstrated prototypes of the e-paper (not pictured) that it hopes will be commercialized within the next two years.

The e-paper can print red, green, and blue in different parts of the paper and utilizes a roll-to-roll printing process that is currently used in newspaper presses. One example the ITRI demonstrated was an e-paper clock that refreshes electronically with each second. The research institute also noted other uses, such as e-wallpaper and e-tickets, which could be recycled and reprinted for hundred of events.

Additionally, the flexible display market is expected to surge from 280 million US dollars (in 2010) to $5.9 billion within the next five years. The e-paper is printed through thermal, electrical, and physical technology.

ITRI is currently working with nine different companies to commercialize the technology and may spin off an e-paper startup company if it can find enough VCs to provide the funds. E-paper can be thermally reprinted 260 times, and the institute seeks to raise that number to 500. E-paper also uses half the electricity that current LED screens use, making it better for our environment.

Photo Courtesy of oskay
Photo Courtesy of monty