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Acer Orders 80,000 AMD Z Processors For New Tablet?

It looks like Acer has just placed a big order for AMD Z series APUs for a possible new tablet lineup. The company placed an order for 80,000 of the AMD processors, and the new tablets are likely going to dive into the enterprise market.

No clue on whether or not the new tablets will feature Android’s new Ice Cream Sandwich or Windows 7 but I would vote for the less expensive operating system. Although, Windows may just be the victor, since I can’t imagine businesses adopting the Android platform, unless maybe they’re a startup.

MSI is also supposedly developing a tablet utilizing the same Z processors. It’s hard to say whether computer manufacturers will adopt the new Android Ice Cream sandwich without first waiting for a couple updates. New software is typically riddled with bugs, and I can’t imagine business users being able to work effectively on brand new software.

We will update with more news once we hear about the actual specs of the new Acer tablet, along with the operating system, price, and expected launch date. Until then, stay tuned folks!

Photo Courtesy of paulswansen
Photo Courtesy of slashgear