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Charge Your Cellphone With An Artistic Lamp

A designer by the name of Samuel Li, from Albany, New York has invented a cool stacked Leaf lantern system in an effort to bring green technology into the home for practical uses. The lamp is half flashlight and half torch, a cell phone charger, and is 100% solar powered.

The lamp concept unfolds in segments around the center axis which exposes the internal solar panels to the sun, and works best when placed by a windows that receives a lot of light.

Now here’s the cool part, when the sun sets, and the sun drifts away, you can realign the segments and turn on the lamp, providing “green energy” light to your household, and even charge your cellphone, wirelessly.

The user can even detach one of the Leaf’s segments and use it as a mobile flashlight source, in a focused flashlight mode or an ambient candle mode. This lamp brings a whole new meaning to high tech, and we hope it makes it to commercialized production and stays under $100. Let us know what you think about this awesome new lamp!

Photo Courtesy of earthtechling
Photo Courtesy of earthtechling