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China’s Search Engine, Baidu, Goes Social

China’s top online search engine, Baidu, has just unleashes its new Web 2.0 social bookmarking button called “Baidu Share”, which is currently closed in beta. Users can now embed the Baidu Share Javascript code into their website, which allows visitors to share content from the site to 16 different social networking services.

Of the social networking sites, include, Sohu Microblog, Renren, Kaixin001, Tencent Qzone, Pengyou, and Microblog, Sina Weibo, Taobao’s Tao Jianghu, and Google Buzz.

Apart from the increase in traffic to the targeted sites, the Baidu Share also makes it easier for websites to be found through Baidu’s search engine, yay! Baidu also plans on releasing a free, detailed analysis tool that will allow users to track what content is being shared from websites and the frequency of shares. Hmmm, does this sound like a way for the government to better track activists or am I just being paranoid? Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you. In the meanwhile, you can visit Baidu, here.

Photo Courtesy of tanake