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IBM HPC Cloud Solutions For Maximizing Profits

IBM seeks to help companies use their high-performance computers more efficiently with new software that links separate pools of resources into a single private cloud. Usually, organizations with intense engineering operations have separate server farms used by individual groups of engineers, leaving computing resources unused.

With this in mind, IBM is currently making HPC Management Suite for Cloud software available after having just used it internally. Over 3,000 engineers around the world shared resources as they developed the POWER7 processor family, claiming to have cut costs in half and reduced the design cycle by six months as a result of the software.

The product currently works on both Linux and X86-based operating systems. Although IBM isn’t the first organization to utilize such software, it is a step in the right direction. IBM’s HPC cloud products and services will become available in the third quarter.

I am pleased with IBM’s initiative to improve efficiency in the workplace and think that with this new software, businesses will be able to maximize profits through increased efficiency, leading to products reaching consumers faster, and a correlated sense of consumer happiness. We have yet to see the majority of businesses utilize this software for rapid growth, but I feel that the time will soon come!

Photo Courtesy of LawrenceB
Photo Courtesy of LawrenceB