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You Can Try iOS5 Today!

In theory, only developers currently have access to the newest version of Apple’s iOS5 software, for portable Apple devices. However, interested users can now get access to beta versions of the operating system. The first step in the process is knowing how to use Google. The next step is to make sure that your phone’s UDID (unique identifier) is registered with Apple.

While you could spend $99 for a developer account, you could also access the large market of rogue iOS activations that allows anyone who is willing to risk their phone while paying only $5 to $10 to try the new software.

These rogue services work because Apple allows every developer to activate a set number of additional iPhones. The rogue activation services set up a developer account and then activate as many phones as they can.

Clearly, there are some risks involved. One of which is having the person who is receiving your money, not perform the request, so read the reviews online and through social media services such as Twitter. Another risk is the potential of temporarily making your iPhone unusable (until you are able to find somebody else who will activate your UDID on his or her developer account). If you’ve got the courage to try it out, let us know what you think and drop us a few comments about it.

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Photo Courtesy of rscoble