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New Malware Disguised As Microsoft Update

Be careful, a new anti-virus scam has appeared on the web that appears to be a Microsoft update popup, the only exception is that it happens on Mozilla Firefox browsers. Machines infected by the drive-by downloads from compromised sites, receive the malware that make the user think they need to click-through the urgent update notification.

Anti-virus security group, Sophos states that legitimate updates only come through the Internet Explorer browser. Unfortunately, some victims click through and that’s when their computers become infected with the malware.

A popup then appears saying the infection can be cleaned by buying anti-virus software, which is a phony product that most likely installs even more malware on the target’s computer. Learn more about the bug and what you can do if you encounter it through NetworkWorld’s article on it. In the meantime, I would suggest all users update their anti-virus through well known brands such as Norton, ZoneAlarm, or AVG, and please be careful of what you click, especially if it pops up at you.

It will be a wonderful world when hackers and crooks just lay off the Internet, or when online security becomes so buffed up that criminals do not go through these low-ball tactics.

Photo Courtesy of T.Librarian
Photo Courtesy of dennis