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Razer’s New Mouse Offers 6400 DPI

A good mouse is important for a number of reasons. Good mice are absolutely essential for those who game, as a greater DPI (dots per inch) allows the gamer to quickly re-aim his or her gun in a first-person-shooter game without losing too much time. For work, a mouse with a high DPI is essential for the telecommuter to quickly travel on the screen’s real-estate, allowing for patterned responses to come with ease.

At E3, computer manufacturer Razer unveiled their newest gaming mouse that is equipped with a 4G Dual Sensor that uses both an optical and a laser sensor. The new Razer Mamba features a 2.4GHz wireless technology that sports up to 16 hours of battery life, with the option of getting the wired one when “charging” is just not an option.

The new mouse also features a contoured thumb grip, covered in rubber to provide extra-grip during those intense moments when you’re playing as a sniper. The mouse has an astounding 6400 dpi 4G Dual Sensor System and will begin shipping next month. The wireless version costs $129.99 (Mamba) and the wired costs $79.99 (Imperator).

Photo Courtesy of michael
Photo Courtesy of michael