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Samsung Introduces First 30nm DDR3 RAM

Samsung today announced a new 30nm DDR3 RAM module, coming in 2GB and 4GB sticks that are designed to keep power consumption low, about 66% more power efficient than a regular chip, in fact. The chip still hits a 1.6Mbps peak bandwidth.

The most optimal use of these new RAM modules would be laptops and netbooks that require less memory and a low power draw, thus enhancing overall battery life. The memory modules will be available in both single and twin packs depending on your needs.

Samsung expects to ship the RAM to U.S. stores in the summer and will cost consumers anywhere between $30 and $55, depending on the capacity and category. If you’re more of an in-store kind of guy, you can also visit Fry’s or your local computer store and snag the 30nm modules by this summer.

Would you plan on upgrading your new netbook or tablet with Samsung’s new RAM? Let us know how much memory you need for your computing needs. See the video below to learn more from Samsung themselves on this new green-tech, low power consumption memory.

Photo Courtesy of Boyan
Photo Courtesy of MacNN