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Sprint Upgrades Upload Speed To 1.5Mbps

Sprint customers will soon be enjoying an upload speed of 1.5Mbps, compared to the original 1Mbps upload rate. The news came from an internal screen that was captured by Android Police, and reported from AndroidCentral.

The change will be implemented tomorrow, Friday, June 10th and will only affect 4G phones, sorry to all you 3G users. Although some say this increase is more on the minor side, I applaud any increase in speed, and believe that 4G users will find that their photos upload faster to Facebook, that they are able to attach large files to e-mails quicker, and that they will be able to do enjoy a faster response time on multi-player mobile games.

Sprint plans on giving the speed boost to its consumers without flat out saying it, I guess they just didn’t think the increase was large enough to warrant a speech, good for them! The increase will likely be an automatic one, with no need for any downloads, so just sit back and relax folks, let your phone do the work! See the video to view a 4G test among three major phones.

Photo Courtesy of violet
Photo Courtesy of nino