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Apple Changes In-App Subscription Pricing

Apple has recently changed its guidelines on the pricing of In-App subscriptions through the App Store, but haven’t publicly commented on the recent change. The new changes include that there are no longer any requirements that a subscription be at the same price or less than it is offered outside an app, meaning that the app store can charge $10 for an app that costs $2 somewhere else.

Furthermore, there is no guideline about price, at all. App Store subscriptions were first introduced this past February, and the introduction of the service had opened the door to a wide range of in-app subscription services such as magazines and newspapers.

The biggest benefit of the new service was that consumers would know they were getting the lowest price for an app, through the App Store subscription, at least until now.

Analysts predict that apps will cost, on average, 30% more than they currently are due to this new policy. The reason for the 30% hike would be for developers to make up for the 30% cut that Apple takes on app sales. Hopefully most developers will not go this route, but it certainly is possible under the new policy.

Photo Courtesy of ABUS
Photo Courtesy of curtis