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IBM Turns 100, Seeks New CEO

IBM (International Business Machines) will replace its current CEO to mark the company’s 100 years of success. Besides the centennial anniversary, the company’s current CEO, Sam Palmisano, will be turning 60 in July, the age when IBM CEO’s retire and name their successors.

The three current names circulating around that would succeed Palmisano are; 53 year old, Virginia Rometty. Rometty currently is head of IBM’s sales division and would be the first female CEO of IBM if elected. Next up we have Mike Daniels, currently head of services for IBM, a division that makes up 60% of IBM’s revenue.

Finally, we have Rodney C. Adkins, the current head of IBM’s hardware division. Although he is a likely candidate, analysts believe he is least likely to be the next CEO. Many wonder whether the new CEO will bring the company in a new direction or continue its focused on business notebooks and desktops.

IBM is the parent company of Lenovo, which produces business notebooks somewhat comparable to the company’s well established Thinkpad series. The company produces high-quality, long-lasting products that take a no-frills approach to computing. Check out the video below to learn about IBM’s prediction on the next five years of tech innovation.

Photo Courtesy of adrian
Photo Courtesy of isriya