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LulzSec Hacks The NHS

The hacker LulzSec has targeted the NHS, shortly after hacking into Sony Pictures and Nintendo. LulzSec published an e-mail to the health organization that exposed security holes in its system. LulzSec claimed that it did not mean any harm to the organization but just wanted to them a service.

As proof, LulzSec posted the administrator passwords to the NHS, and but blanked them out when it published the e-mail on Twitter.

Laughably, the Department of Health just shrugged off the attack as nothing big, apparently not acknowledging the fact that they could have been destroyed if LulzSec wanted to. The Department of Health stated that they instructed their admins on how to better secure information, but something just tells me that a new password won’t do the trick.

I would find it funny if LulzSec kept hacking them until they learned their lesson and upgraded security (thus taking the attacks, seriously). We will see if this is an isolated attack towards NHS of if LulzSec will continue until it improves their system. Also, it would be interesting if LulzSec was discovered, I wonder what the penalty would be for this hardcore Internet griefing. What do you guys think, will this hacker ever get caught?

Photo Courtesy of openfly
Photo Courtesy of preoccupations