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Members Of Anonymous Hacking Group, Arrested

Well, what do you know? Three suspected members of the Anonymous Hacking group were arrested today in Spain. The arrests were made in Barcelona, Valencia, and Almeria. For those who may have forgotten, the Anonymous hacking group is responsible for the attacks on Sony, Spanish banks, and possibly other attacks.

The arrests were actually as part of an investigation that had begun in October 2010. It looks like some of the attacks made by members of the group used a web-based tool called Loic to bombard the target sites with data. Furthermore, Paypal, Mastercard, and Amazon were each targeted using this tool.

Fortunately, those who use the Loic platform, are finding it hard to hide from the consequences, and subsequent arrests have been made in the United States, United Kingdom, and Holland. The Anonymous group has also targeted government sites in Tunisia and Egypt to aid popular protest movements.

Hopefully this will be the first step, (discovering the use of Loic) out of many to find each member of the Anonymous group, and bring them to justice. I don’t think Sony deserved losing hundreds of millions of dollars over the attacks, even if they did have bad security. We will see where these arrests take us. Until then, folks. See the video below for a news clip on the arrests.

Photo Courtesy of aliks
Photo Courtesy of jami3