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Xbox Live Integrated In Windows 8

It looks like Microsoft has just revealed something interesting about its new Xbox Live service, and that is that the new service will be integrated into Windows 8. The Vice President of Global Marketing at Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business group, Mike Delman, had this to say, “[Xbox Live] has been successful on the Windows Phone. Live will be built into the PC.”

Delman continued to say that it will be the service where one gets their entertainment. It seems like Microsoft seeks to incorporate their successful devices across-platforms encouraging Xbox owners to buy a PC and Windows 8 users to buy an Xbox. Clever cross-selling strategy. If I weren’t bitter about my Xbox360 giving me the Red Ring of Death, I’d probably be a proponent of the initiative.

Delman also hinted that Windows Phone 7 may get an upgrade to the Xbox live interface, and commented about the Xbox Live service as a passive media service. Now, if you think about Microsoft’s recent study stating that 40% of Xbox360s are used for streaming, my question to you is, are video game consoles losing their touch? Could it be that the PC platform is rising to the top for gaming?

I have a feeling that video game consoles will dip in sales until the next generation console from both Microsoft and Sony are released, which may be as late as 2013 or 2014. I think consumers are ready to bring their gaming to the next level, graphics-wise, or at least I am.

Photo Courtesy of niallK
Photo Courtesy of nac