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Anonymous Hacks Indian Army Website, Then Reverses It

Members of the Anonymous Hacking group hacked the Indian army website yesterday and took it down for an hour before bringing it back online. On Anonymous’ fan page on Facebook, many criticisms were received from Indian people, which prompted the “unhack” of the military website.

Anonymous then said that they would only target only corrupt politicians and reassured that no data was lost or stolen from the attack. Anonymous claimed that they wanted to send a message about corruption.

This attack follows one the day before against the Turkish Government when the Anonymous hacking group launched a Distributed Denial of Service attack to protest a new Internet filter system that will be introduced in August.

So my question to you is, what happens when a group of people decide to play as God on the Internet? What do you guys think will be the punishment for those who are caught and arrested? Just a few days ago, we reported arrests being made, but how few do you think we captured out of the total group? I’d like to think that there are no more than 30 individuals part of the hacking group, but I have no way of estimating the group’s size. Maybe some plea bargains can get them talking.

Photo Courtesy of Franchi
Photo Courtesy of nateone