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Best Buy Furious At Newegg’s Marketing

Best Buy recently sent online electronics manufacturer, Newegg, a cease and desist letter, citing that Newegg stole Best Buy’s Geek Squad logo and made of Best Buy in a commercial (shown top). If you ask me, a power button symbol as an O isn’t clever enough to be trademarked by anyone.

Not to mention that Best Buy’s logo has a tie on its power button and Newegg doesn’t. As for the commercial (shown below), I agree that Newegg was probably making fun of Best Buy employees in a generic sort of way, but this kind of stuff happens ALL the time with competitors. Hello? Ever heard of the “Mac vs. PC” campaign Apple spun way back when? Did Microsoft cry about it? No. They countered the ads showing a racially and socioeconomically diverse group, all claiming that they were a PC.

What about the Coke and Pepsi ads? Pepsi takes a number of stabs at Coke in their commercials while Coke continues to do its own thing. The key here is not to get butt hurt over some competition. I think companies should see advertising as an *opportunity for them to put their thinking caps on and rise up to the challenge, not to cry about it and point fingers.

Below, is Best Buy’s letter to Newegg, followed by the commercial that Best Buy is upset over.

Your misuse of our valuable trademarks and your negative portrayal of our employees violate our trademark rights and misleads consumers about our services, in violation of federal and state law. While we welcome fair competition, we cannot tolerate unfair competition that disparages our employees, confuses customers and damages our valuable trademarks and the goodwill associated with those marks. We take great pride in our employees and the high quality of customer service they offer and find your company’s focus on our employees in this advertising campaign to be particularly offensive.

Here is the cease and desist letter (page1 and page2).

Photo Courtesy of imgur
Photo Courtesy of Bernzilla