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IBM Makes First Graphene Circuit W/ Exponential Power

IBM has just introduced the world’s first integrated circuit, that is made of carbon allotrope graphene. CAG is a semiconductor that could push clock speeds much further than the traditional silicon-based wafers. Graphene has a microscopic crystal structure that allows processors to use smaller processes than silicon technology, allowing extremely large advances in processor clock speeds.

A jump like this would be like going from a megabyte to a gigabyte. IBM has currently demonstrated graphene-based transistors running at 100GHz, two and a half times faster than the current 40GHz (state-of-the-art transistors).

Although the new technology could be molded for computer manufacturing, it is aimed at targeting the telecommunications industry. The chip itself operates as a broadband frequency mixer and operates up to 10GHz, and thanks to the properties of graphene, the circuit remains stable at much higher temperatures, of up to 125 degrees Celsius. This would bypass the need of excessive computer cooling measures such as watercooling.

IBM claims to have developed the wafer-scale silicon carbide fabrication procedures that allow the graphene property to be incorporated into complex circuitry, for practical uses. It is likely that we will see this tech boom in 2012 or 2013 when researchers better familiarize with the property.

Photo Courtesy of corematerials
Photo Courtesy of fotoby