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Rent Games On Android, Through T-Mobile

If you enjoy having Netflix shipped to your door, or GameFly giving you the option to test drive games before you buy, you may want to hear this. T-Mobile and Wild Tangent are pairing up to unleash a new rental games service, for gamers who don’t want to waste money on games they don’t like.

Although with most Android apps, you can return the game within 15 minutes of purchase, sometimes it takes longer than that time frame to make a decision on whether a game is worth it.

With the new WildTangent service, users will be able to rent a game for a day, and by the end of the day can purchase the game with the rental fee deducted from the final price. Surely a quarter to try out a game for an entire day doesn’t sound too bad!

The idea for T-Mobile and WildTangent is that consumers will be less cautious about game-ordering and will hopefully run into a wider array of games they enjoy, and thus buy.

The app will hit stores later this year and I am almost certain that the new measure will be a success for everyone. This will be great for the casual consumer who hardly games but wants to try something new for the next time he/she is waiting for a taxi. Let us know what you think about the partnership. See the video for some Wild Tangent gameplay.

Photo Courtesy of VGVisionary
Photo Courtesy of laihu