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IPv6 Testing Goes Well, Full 2012 Launch To Come

According to experts in Technology, the Internet successfully passed the IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) test without any serious problems this week due to hundreds of companies jumping on board during the 24-hour stress test.

The Internet Society had organized the test to raise awareness for the need of a transition to IPv6 as the number of Internet addresses are slowly winding down. It is essential that we take the time now to understand the glitches in the system before a mass transition to the IPv6 platform, which is expect in 2012.

With the new IPv6 platform, we will have enough IP addresses for 340 undecillion or 340^32nd power. This is a huge and necessary increase from the current 4 billion limit under the IPv4 system.

Although the recent test went well, some analysts still argue that the actual 2012 transition will not go as smoothly, due in part to an estimated 80% of consumers and businesses waiting until the last minute to upgrade.

How do you think the transition will go? Is there anything that governments or companies can do to ensure that websites make the transition successfully or should we just kick our shoes on the table and hope for the best? Drop us a few lines, or a few words, and let us know what you think.

Photo Courtesy of utnap
Photo Courtesy of aranarth